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Why are barcode solutions imperative in warehousing?

Why are barcode solutions imperative in warehousing?

GS1 compliant barcode

On the surface, warehousing and logistics are pretty much still the same as they were 20 years ago, in its simplest form, it is the storage of goods and their distribution on a local, regional, national or global scale. Yet, with technological advances like barcode solutions, behind the scenes, things are very different. The day-to-day movement and internal operations have changed dramatically over the years and this article is aimed at exploring how advances in technology have adapted warehousing as we know it today.

Advances in technology, especially over the past 10 years, have begun to shape this digital world that we now live in. As the defining element in many organisations, logistics and operations have followed suit to make their service and product offerings more efficient, more effective and more flexible than ever. But how are barcode solutions shaping the warehousing and distribution industry?

How barcoding fits into warehouse workflows

Barcoding should be at the top of the list when it comes to having efficient inventory control. Whether warehouse managers are concerned with streamlining their procurement routines, sticking within budgets and managing cashflows, or getting the most out of their assets, barcode solutions are imperative.

With barcodes, you can generate and attribute a unique software-readable system of identification to each item of stock or asset. When using PSS 50, these barcodes can then be integrated with Sage 50 Accounts, to monitor the movement of goods, inventory levels and control processes. These barcodes can be generated in linear or 2D codes for every type of business and can produce labels, shelf edge labels and pallet labels.

Improving efficiency through barcodes

With the utilisation of barcodes, inventory management can become highly automated so that retrieving, storing and distribution processes are streamlined and more importantly, human error is reduced. By automating manual routines your employees can continue with their workflow without being interrupted. Using barcode technology can be particularly useful for warehouse environments that stock a wide range of inventory and where stock is distributed at different pace levels.

Less administrative work

Manually managing continuously changing stock levels takes time and resource and is also prone to human error, how accurate are your records? By not utilising a barcode solution in your warehouse for inventory management, you may be spending far too much time tracking your stock. By using a barcoding solution such as PSS 50, you no longer need to worry about stock accuracy or the amount of time it takes to do a stock take as you will be able to itemise your stock and avoid manually logging and tracking stock.

Real-time data collection

Utilising barcodes goes way past the point of just tracking the inventory that is coming in and going out. Having an insight into how your warehouse management is actually working is crucial for success. Barcodes allow you to analyse and understand your stock activity, such as item popularity, patterns in usage, shelf lifetime, seasonal peaks and troughs and much more; this would be almost impossible to analyse by managing your stock manually. Not only do barcoding solutions allow this level of analysis, but the information is readily available to you in real time allowing you to make critical business decisions based on accurate and relevant data. Barcoding also allows increased accuracy for tracking of stock, so you can easily check if an item has been moved, returned or sold, so you can know where a specific stock item is at any time and why it is there.

A centralised barcode solution that accounts for versatility

By integrating a barcoding stock control with Sage Accounts, Sage becomes a centralised hub for all of your data ranging from product codes and descriptions to standard pricing and stock levels. By adding PSS 50 to your Sage Accounts, you will drive efficiency and performance within your warehouse as well as eliminating the duplication of tasks and reducing the stock count by up to 90%. If you’re interested in using this powerful barcode solution, call us today.