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Painless warehousing with a barcoding inventory system

Painless warehousing with a barcoding inventory system

Warehouse manager and warehouse worker looking at a clipboard.

New year, new inventory system

The start of a new year is the perfect time to look back at what your business has achieved in previous years and where you can improve and make changes. One area that can be streamlined to help your whole business is warehouse management, specifically how you manage your inventory. Warehouse inventory management is an integral part of any business. Without it, you can lose track of any products coming in and out of your warehouse. This can be detrimental to your business’ stock levels and affect other areas of your business such as sales and customer service. Having too little stock means you can’t meet customer demand, while too much means your company is losing money through overstocking. Manual inventory management is a laborious task for anyone, is prone to mistakes, and can cost your business money. A barcoding inventory system can help transform your warehouse management, making a once time-consuming and painful task stress-free. At Bit Systems, we pride ourselves in providing the latest developments in technology to give you a barcoding inventory system that works and helps your business thrive. With our Sage inventory management software, you can take your business into the new year with improved processes and set accurate targets in sales and efficiency.

Minimise errors with a barcoding inventory system

Using a manual inventory system in your warehouse can put your business at risk of errors. It’s easy for anyone to make mistakes, especially when carrying out a manual inventory process. Workers can lose concentration over time and even the smallest of mistakes can have a huge impact on your business. From wrong orders to incorrectly identified products, each mistake can be detrimental to business efficiency and customer service. Implementing a barcoding inventory system can help you minimise, or in some cases completely eradicate the risk of errors. Bit Systems barcode inventory system is designed to maximise efficiency and minimise errors when it comes to managing your warehouse. Every business wants to keep errors to a minimum and the start of a new year is a great time to set new targets for your business and employees and implement strategies that will minimise the risk of errors. With Bit Systems, it’s never been so easy. Barcoding stock control for Sage from Bit Systems helps reduce the risk of human error by accurately translating all product information from a barcode at the touch of a button. Our system works quickly, meaning there is no need for workers to spend time re-reading product numbers to make sure they are inputted correctly, they can rely on the Sage barcoding inventory system. If an error should occur, the centralised hub of information allows you to track what happened and when, allowing you to gain insight on how to prevent it from occurring again.

Improved inventory efficiency

The new year is a time of hope and aspirations for any business. Efficiency is an area in business that can always be improved and is the key to success in profit and productivity. Efficiency can be a difficult aspect of improvement to quantify, especially when carrying out manual warehouse tasks. Investing in a barcoding inventory system can help take your business’ efficiency to the next level and allow you to see and track real-time results of improved efficiency. Time is precious and a barcoding inventory system can help you to complete warehouse inventory tasks in a fraction of the time when compared to a manual approach. When you choose stock control for Sage from Bit Systems, you have more time to focus on other areas of your business, while warehouse workers have more time to focus on other tasks once the strain of a manual inventory system is removed. The centralised database means there is no need to wait for a manual inventory to be updated, it’s done automatically and immediately. Multiple inventory systems are a thing of the past once you choose a barcoding inventory system. Your warehouse can be managed from one central place when you choose stock control for Sage. A single barcode can contain a whole host of information such as pricing, supplier and stock levels. You can manage your warehouse with ease with a single barcoding inventory solution. With a reduced risk of human error and fast item analysis and tracking, a barcoding inventory system is just what your business needs to improve efficiency.

Keep costs down with a barcoding inventory system

Spending less and making more money is a goal many businesses set, especially at the start of a new year. It is the perfect time to look over all areas of the business and find out how they can be improved. Sophisticated barcode technology was once a costly luxury, but now as the technology develops, introducing a barcoding inventory solution to your business is more affordable and could help you save money in the long run. A barcoding inventory system gives you complete control over your stock levels, by enabling you to track sales trends and predict how much stock you will need. This can save your business huge amounts of money by avoiding overstocking which wastes money on items that aren’t needed. It can also help you avoid disappointing customers by understocking items. Running out of stock can lead to a loss of sales, as customers could go elsewhere to place their orders. The inventory analysis that comes with Sage barcoding allows you to improve your cash flow and have greater control over your business finances and allowing you to more accurately plan and predict stock levels based on real-time information.

The more control you have over your business’ warehouse inventory, the more money you can save. With stock control for Sage, you have complete visibility over all stock. The system can provide you with live updates on products, which is ideal for businesses with perishable products such as food. Such items need to be sold on time to avoid spoilage and losing money and with a Sage barcoding inventory system, you can get real-time updates on all product information so you can adjust your sales and stock rotation strategy accordingly. These alerts can be tailored to suit your business requirements, from notifying you about upcoming deadstock to reminders on restocking popular items at peak sales periods before it’s too late.

Easy to implement

The start of a new year can be a stressful time for any business, so the last thing you want is to add any form of complication. If your warehouse procedures are stressful and difficult to manage, a barcoding inventory system can take you into the new year with ease and take the pressure off. Barcoding inventory systems at a first glance can leave business owners feeling confused, unsure of what they do or why their business would need one. In reality, implementing a barcoding inventory system is quick and simple. At Bit Systems, we strive to make your journey to better barcoding solutions as smooth as possible, that’s why our stock control for Sage technologies can be seamlessly integrated into your business. Our step-by-step process simplifies the implementation of barcoding solutions.

Our team of Bit Systems experts are present throughout the implementation process. We begin by carrying out extensive research on your business, combining this with clear and consistent communication helps us to create the best inventory solution for your business. You will receive a personalised business proposal before installation to make sure the solution we have designed is right for your business. Implementing the system is easy with our expert engineers on hand to deliver and install your system to the highest standard. Not only are our team there to provide full training on your new system, but they are also on hand to provide support and aftercare after the system is installed. With Bit Systems, you are not alone. Our support team is here to help with any queries you may have and help you manage your warehouse inventory system with ease.

Does your warehouse inventory management take up too much time, cause stress and is prone to mistakes? Contact Bit Systems today to find the right barcoding inventory system for your business.