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Dreading your annual manual stock take?

Dreading your annual manual stock take? PSS 50 quickly and simply captures stock transactions through a handheld scanner in real time and automatically update your back office software to drive efficiency, performance and eliminates duplication of tasks and stock count time by up to 90%. Find out more

PSS for Sage

Bit Systems work together closely with our customers to understand their business and find the best stock control solution for you. With Sage at its core our stock control solution, PSS, enhances the functionality of Sage 50 and Sage 200 providing seamless integration with barcode scanning technology to provide a feature-rich, efficient and easy to use stock management solution. Find out more about how PSS can help your business

The Barcode

We are all familiar with the beeping noise in the supermarket, however before 26th June 1974 all shop transactions and sorting of stock was manual, that was until the barcode was invented and transformed the retail industry. The barcode was invented by Norman Joseph Woodland in 1949 on a Miami beach, but his idea did not come to fruition until 25 years later when technology had caught up with Woodland’s revolutionary idea.

The barcode is still used today, not only in the retail industry for transactions and sorting stock, but in aerospace, manufacturing and many other industries for asset tracking, travel and even advertising.

Bit Systems use barcodes as part of their PSS software that integrates into @Sage to help businesses improve their stock management and business processes through barcoded stock control. Find out more about how PSS can help your business

New Features Update

Bit Systems Stock Control solution PSS 50 with ASM integrates with Sage 50 and now has some exciting new features!

New features include:

  • Fully Wi-Fi enabled (2 way synchronisation)
  • Bin prioritisation
  • Guided Put Away & Guided Pick
  • Stocktake by location as well as by product
  • Powerful label printer options to be able to print labels which are product and location specific

Talk to us today to find out more about the new features #stockcontrol #sage #warehousemanagement

Top 5 retail trends

With the world becoming more digitally focused and with more data available than ever before, is your #retail business struggling to know where to start? With so many evolving trends, technologies and channels available it can be incredibly frustrating to know which avenues are the best options for your business.

Our business partner KC POS, have put together their 5 top retail trends from 2017, how to make sense of them and how they can help your business move forward –