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Bit Logistics is a distribution and planning solution that has been developed over many years to help transportation companies ensure their deliveries arrive at the right place at the right time. With our distribution software, you can do just that.

With increasingly intricate supply chains and management processes, it is no secret that there are always continuously squeezed margins and constant challenges in the logistics and distributions sectors to stay on top of their game. In a quest to increase business processes and logistical and operational efficiencies whilst keeping up with the pace of demand and improving profits, more and more transportation and logistics organisations are turning to distribution planning and management in order to give them the competitive and technological edge.

Seamless delivery, transport & fleet movement

The most critical success factors in the logistics industry are punctuality, dependability and accuracy. Bit Logistics can help your business meet SLA’s and performance targets to ensure you keep your customers happy with our distribution software.

Improve Delivery Performance & Fulfilment Whilst Reducing Costs

Built to address the specific needs and challenges that the transportation and logistics sectors face on a daily basis, our distribution software solutions sit at the heart of any business or organisation and enables you to maximise delivery performance and fulfilment whilst reducing costs. Our solutions keep your processes streamlined, agile and dynamic.

Seamless Integration into Sage 200

Part of the Bit Systems suite of solutions, our logistics software is built on the Microsoft .NET platform and is a powerful, dynamic and intelligent logistics solution, that integrates seamlessly into Sage 200.

How Can Our Distribution Software Benefit Your Business?

Operating a fleet of vehicles efficiently is vital for your business in order to keep it moving.

Our transportation and logistics software solution helps transportation businesses maintain safe, reliable and compliant equipment and infrastructure.

1. Reduce Workload & Save Time

Your organisation can reduce its workload and save valuable time with effective transport management. Whether you want to improve planning, staff scheduling or have more visibility and control over your processes, Bit Logistics can offer you the control and flexibility you need.

2. Gain Tighter Control

By housing all asset data within one unified and centralised system platform, our software can help organisations gain tighter control over asset performance and overall profitability. Designed for the transport industry specifically, our distribution software solutions can manage a fleet, infrastructure and facility assets in a single application, making use of big data analytics, IoT and predictive maintenance, making our offering a clear enabler in your asset management strategy.

3. Grow Your Business

With easy to use and efficient timings to implement, Bit Logistics offers the ideal solution to grow your business. We have a wealth of experience working with large transport organisations and have continuously developed the skills, experience and products required to set your company up for success and more importantly maintain it.

Bit Logistics can help your business to:

Improve job planning
Improve order entry
Accurately track deliveries
Reduce manual errors
Improve visibility
Increase security
Improve efficiency
Meet delivery deadlines

Key Features of Bit Logistics Distribution Software

Order Entry

Automatically receive orders straight into Bit Logistics, get automatic shipping updates, bulk print shipping labels, picking lists and packing slips.

Planning and Scheduling

Deliver your order on time, every time with Bit Logistics. Plan, manage and track all of your orders in real time, and put a stop to late deliveries.


Track drivers, monitor traffic, road works and road closures with Bit Logistics. Your delivery times can be minimised and calculated accurately with Bit Logistics.

ePOD and Invoicing

Bit Logistics ePOD is Electronic Proof of Delivery for your drivers. Automate all your paper based documents with ePOD. Track deliveries in real time, re-route your drivers to avoid accidents and roadworks and provide accurate delivery times to your customers as well as automatically generating invoices for the quantities delivered.

Real time business intelligence

Seamless distribution and logistics management with Bit Logistics.

Seamless integration

Seamlessly integrate with your customers EDI’s and courier distribution systems, as well as Sage 200 to manage every aspect of your business

Dynamic dashboards

Know here your trucks are at any time. Our dynamic dashboards analyse driver delivery times, KPI’s, SLA’s and more.

Intuitive user-interface

Bit Logistics have developed a simple to use and intuitive user interface to maximise efficiency for your drivers and office staff.

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