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Stock Control Management Software for Sage

Efficient and easy to use stock control management solutions

Our stock control management software for Sage 200 provides simple solutions for inventory and warehouse management. Bit Inventory is a GS1 compliant barcoding stock control solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing Sage software to create a fully integrated barcode stock control system. Using Sage at its core, it extends and enhances the functionality of Sage 200 to provide seamless integration with barcode scanning technology to offer a feature-rich, efficient and easy to use stock control solution.

Bit Inventory 200 is a robust and reliable barcoding inventory management system that integrates seamlessly into your existing Sage 200 software to create a fully integrated inventory system.

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How Bit Inventory works

Bit Inventory provides you with a solution to quickly capture stock transactions in real time, with automatic updates and dynamic entries into Sage to drive efficiency and performance. Any movement, adjustment or change is tracked and updated automatically so you don’t have to. This dynamic and innovative addition eliminates the duplication of tasks, increases accuracy and validates data in real time to reduce errors. This system also delivers on pin-point accurate dispatch orders and receipts and minimises manual labour needs.

How can Bit Inventory Management Software Solutions Benefit Your Business?

Our stock control for Sage acts as a centralised hub for all of your information. You can access this information at any point, at any time and anywhere; all at your fingertips. This user-friendly system is a powerful tool to drive efficiency and identifying crucial data. Bit Inventory will not only get an efficient data capture tool but the expertise to turn your investment in Sage into a fully integrated stock control solution. It truly is a scalable solution to suit your individual needs.

Our stock control for Sage solutions utilises various functionalities to help cater for different types of businesses, from order processing through receiving goods, dispatching and stock taking. We can even cater to your business needs further with our greater functionality option of managing multi-location, assigning and tracking batch and serial numbers and even assign expiry dates to perishable products to give your business greater flexibility and improved stock accuracy.

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Bit Systems are one of the few Independent Software Vendors (ISV) who have been awarded Sage Platinum Developer status. Having worked closely with Sage for over 20 years, Sage Platinum Developer is the highest accreditation available to ISV’s that develop solutions that extend and enhance the functionality of Sage products.

Sage Approved – Our Bit Inventory 200 solutions have been tested independently to ensure that they meet the exacting standards set by Sage and integrate seamlessly, to be accredited as a Sage Certified Solution.

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Key Functionalities of Bit Inventory for Sage

Order Processing

Generate sales and purchase orders from your warehouse

Goods In

Check and instantly verify selection with a single scan

Goods Out

Eliminate errors and ensure accuracy of orders being dispatched

Stock Transfers

Easily conduct stock movements between warehouses and bins

Stock Adjustments

Adjust stock levels with ease for breakages, wastage & write-offs


Link barcodes to stock from the warehouse

Stock Taking

Reduce stock count and analysis time by 90%

GS1 Standards

Our barcoding labels complies with GS1 standards

Key Benefits of Bit Inventory for Sage

Streamlined processes

Traditional stock control processes can be laborious and are open to human error. Bit Inventory for Sage reduces the amount of people needed for a stock take, streamlining your business processes.

Customer satisfaction

Bit Inventory for Sage improves service reliability and customer retention by ensuring all customers receive the right quantity of the right goods.

Stay up-to-date

Bit Inventory for Sage gives business access to real-time stock information. Accurate and up-to-date stock information enables businesses to make decisions instantly improving business efficiency.


Bit Inventory for Sage eliminates up to 90% of time taken to perform a stock take. All customers have problems with stock take. Days out for several people often with full shutdown. And that’s just the count. Instant analysis provides instant information and guarantees stock accuracy.

Eliminate Mistakes

Barcoding stock control for Sage reduces the room for human error, ensuring maximum accuracy of stock levels. Increase business productivity by automating your business processes.


With Sage at its core, Bit Inventory enhances the functionality of Sage 50 and Sage 200 providing a seamless integration with barcode scanning technology to provide a feature rich, efficient and easy to use stock management solution.

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