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Simplified Warehouse Operations

Simplified Warehouse Operations


Fiorentini UK sells and distributes components, systems, and solutions for natural gas, biogas, syngas, and hydrogen. Priding themselves on innovation and customer satisfaction, Fiorentini have been operating for over 30 years.

Providing such vital services, it’s essential for Fiorentini to operate as effectively as possible to meet customer demand.

Their needs

Providing such vital services, it’s essential for Fiorentini to operate as effectively as possible to meet customer demand. Prior to Bit Systems simplifying Fiorentini’s warehouse operations, they relied on manual processes and disparate systems.

Tracking products through serial numbers on paperwork, using manual counting methods for stock takes, and using stock cards to show product quantities in stock locations, were all slowing down operations.

Fiorentini needed an integrated system that could automate key tasks, with multi-warehouse and multi-bin functionality to offer greater visibility of product locations.

Our Solution

Needing a warehouse management system that seamlessly integrates with their Sage accounting software, Bit Inventory provides Fiorentini with the features and functionality they were looking for.

Benefitting from handheld scanners and product barcodes, inventory can be scanned for a range of tasks including stock takes, booking goods in and out, bill of materials, tracking items, and much more. Key tasks are automated to increase productivity, capacity, and customer satisfaction, with Sage being automatically updated with real-time information from the scanned items.

What Fiorentini said…

“We would be more than happy to recommend Bit Inventory to any company interested in delivering a stock management and warehousing solution.

As a long-standing Sage customer, our aim was to improve warehouse efficiency, and reduce manual processing / errors with an integrated system working in real time with our Sage software. From our initial consultation, Bit Systems have guided us through the process with on-site training prior to implementation, and consultation on the go-live date. The Bit Inventory package provided by Bit Systems, has enabled us to remotely manage all aspects of stock control via Handheld Scanners, and Advanced Stock Management software on desktop PC.

The easy to use system, has reduced the time to train our warehouse operatives. Use of Barcoding, Multi-location and Warehousing have improved goods receipting, despatching and stock transferring. Use of the Stock Take Function, with the Handheld Scanners halved the time it took to complete our annual stock take. The support from Ben, Gary and Jonathan on the technical support team has been of the highest level.”

James Warren
Fiorentini UK Ltd