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Sage inventory software you can get your head around

Sage inventory software you can get your head around

Sage Inventory Software control

Identifying that you need more advanced inventory management software is only the first step in choosing a new solution, the tricky part is finding one that you can understand, utilise and control. With integrated Sage inventory software, you can seamlessly combine your inventory management with your Sage 50 accounts data to give you real-time, accurate stock information at your fingertips.

So how do you go about finding the right inventory solution for you?

One of the most important steps in choosing a new inventory management solution is to see it working. Bit Systems help our customers to get a full understanding of how our solution works and how it could benefit their business by providing an in-depth demo before any commitment is made. Our demos are tailored to our customers’ requirements so that we can demonstrate how the software could work for their business and how simple it is to use.


Why is a Sage integrated inventory solution better than standalone solutions?

By simply integrating into Sage 50 Accounts and by using the latest GS1 compliant barcoding standards, Bit Inventory 50 makes your whole stock management process seamless.

Using Bit Inventory 50 and Sage together, your accounting solution will be turned into a powerful inventory management solution, which enables your workforce to quickly and simply capture stock transactions through our handheld scanners in real time and automatically update Sage to drive efficiency, performance and eliminate the duplication of tasks and stock count time by up to 90%.

Not only does Bit Inventory 50 help your business to save time and reduce errors, but our developers have also worked hard to make sure that our software is simple to navigate and easy to use and by integrating directly into Sage 50 Accounts it minimises the risk of discrepancies between non-integrated inventory management solutions and your accounting solution.

Advanced inventory management functionality

Our sage inventory management solution has many different functionalities to help cater for different types of businesses, from order processing through receiving goods, dispatching and stock taking, our Sage inventory solution makes your process efficient, accurate and eliminates human errors.

If you need even greater functionality Bit Inventory 50 also give you the option to manage multi-location, to assign and track batch and serial numbers and even assign expiry dates to perishable products to give your business greater flexibility and improved stock accuracy.

Check out how Bit Inventory 50 works and get a software system that manages, tracks and controls your stock inventory so you don’t have to.