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How manufacturing software solutions can help you to benchmark

Benchmarking within your organisation is a critical step in evaluating performance efforts across your business. This is especially true for manufacturers for them to be able to grow and thrive in competitive markets. With manufacturing software solutions, you can develop best practices and then benchmark against those best practices as well as against competitors to formulate plans of action on how to move forward.

In this article, we are going to look into why benchmarking is important for the success of your manufacturing business, the different benchmarking types, and how manufacturing software solutions can help with keeping your manufacturing processes consistent.

Smart industry intelligent manufacturing isometric composition with robotic arm and automated conveyor delivery warehouse production vector illustration

What is benchmarking?

Benchmarking is a common practice that many industries utilise. It is a way for businesses to compare the best practises across the industry to discover areas of improvement and to gain a competitive advantage. Benchmarking can be applied to any process, approach, function and department; however, it all relies on accurate information. The process of benchmarking primarily focuses on measures like quality, time, effectiveness, and efficiency. With a manufacturing software solution, you can benchmark successfully by gaining an insight into your manufacturing processes in real-time. With accurate and up-to-date information, you can distinguish where the problems are and identify areas that need improving. Without accurate and reliable data, you cannot benchmark efficiently and can end up losing a lot of time and money in the process.

Smart industry machine intelligence in manufacturing storage unit isometric composition with computer controlled robotic trolley vector illustration
What is the goal?

Different businesses use benchmarking for different reasons. The main reasons are usually to improve product quality, increase sales and improve business performance and efficiency. The core of benchmarking involves looking externally from your business and examining how others are achieving a high level of performance and the processes they implement to maintain a continued success. The main goal before you can start benchmarking is understanding how your business is performing first. With more and more manufacturers relying on technological advances within the manufacturing industry, investing in an intelligent software solution that is specifically engineered towards your needs, will help to increase operational visibility, boost throughput and allow your business to become more competitive.

Benefits of using manufacturing software solutions to benchmark

There are four primary types of benchmarking that you can consider for your organisation:

Internal – analysing measures and improvements that can be made to your business, processes, and functions internally.

Competitive – compete with your competitors directly and compare your results to theirs. This can be anything from specific products, services or methods and operations.

Functional – This involves comparing your results with a business outside of your industry with similar functions. This is particularly useful to identify ‘best-in-class’ processes.

Generic/Combined – Comparing standard metrics or unrelated business processes and functions that can be practiced in the same or similar ways independent of industry.

Regardless of type, benchmarking is achievable and can help your business to become more successful. The initial, yet most important benefit is establishing baselines and being able to compare them with actual results. By using a manufacturing software solution, you can set clear goals and with accurate insights and infrastructure, you can mitigate risks to help move your company in the right direction.

These baselines might include:

  • Understanding how your business compares to your competitors
  • Improving company efficiency
  • Tracking the progress of business goals, aims and objectives
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Discovering new opportunities for growth
  • Motiving employees and analysing personal performance
  • Improving products and streamlining operations

Smart industry intelligent manufacturing fully automated welding line with remote controlled robotic hand isometric composition vector illustration

How can manufacturing software solutions help your business?

Manufacturing software solutions help you to use key benchmarking dimensions like quality, time and cost to gauge your metrics, for example manufacturing cycle time, unplanned machine downtime, costs to manufacture and deliver, plus many more. You can collect data, track results and implement new operations quicker and more successfully.

Bit Manufacturing offers a solution that automates time-consuming and repetitive tasks and can help to determine how your business is performing at any given time. By maintaining a consistent level of benchmarking, along with having right manufacturing software solution in place, manufacturing companies can implement continuous lean manufacturing improvements to gain better insights into the effectiveness of their processes.

Bit Manufacturing can:

  • Meet delivery deadlines
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Manager every stage of production
  • Accurately track deliveries
  • Record and track warranties
  • Manage minimum stock levels
  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce waste
  • Record returns and write offs
  • Improve quality control


For more information on how to get a full picture of your factory processes from start to finish, get in touch today.

Logistics management software – the key in solving supply chain issues

Modern logistics and supply chain processes are continuously being evaluated and reshaped to remain competitive in an ever-changing environment. The intricacies of processes and constant growth in demand for logistics services, have determined the approach many businesses have taken towards common supply chain issues. These transformations are taking place start from the core of the organisation, and result in more refined and faster logistics processes. Logistics management software solutions have been developed to be an effective way to increase efficiency and the speed at which a transport and logistics business operates.

In the current economic landscape, supply chain management is full of challenges. However, if you find an effective logistics management software solution, which allows the right product to be delivered to the right client, in the right time, your business can stay ahead of its competitors whilst overcoming challenges.

3d render of online freight order tracking

Challenges in transport and logistics management

Planning: Planning is the starting point for many businesses when completing tasks in logistics operations. If there are any inefficiencies at this stage then it can have dramatic and negative effects on various aspects, factors and parameters throughout your supply chain.

Supply chain operating managers are required to create flow charts for the entire operation, starting with purchasing and movement of goods including loading, transportation, and delivery. These flow charts need to encompass time, cost and employee requirements. If this is a task that managers are having to complete manually or with limited resources, this can result in errors being made. With logistics management software, automating these processes means that you can complete these tasks quickly and effectively to gain maximum profit at the minimum costs.

In order to stay efficient, supply chain planning software solutions can be used to help you to work out the best transportation strategies according to the individual parameters indicated. This enables your business to decrease transportation costs by helping you to identify the optimum routes, automatically rerouting drivers if roads are closed and providing an estimated delivery time window to your customers.

Coordination: There are many entities that make up a supply chain, from people, activities, information, resources to stock, and fleet management. All of these factors contribute to the delivery of a product to its end location. By implementing a fully integrated logistics management software solution, it will automatically consider and report on deliveries, any peculiarities in trends, supply volumes, the priority of movements including shipments, the statuses of cargo, vehicles, and stock and storage capacities. By utilising an automated solution, your supply chain and associated functions and departments can work in unison and communicate with one another.

Documentation: If you are dealing with a vast range of contracts, customers, partners, suppliers, and multiple employees operating in different roles, it can produce a large amount of documentation. Logistic processes could suffer if the documentation required is not properly maintained and can add copious amounts of time to an employee’s workload should they have to manage this manually. It is vital for all managers involved in logistic procedures to be able to gain access to this data when they need it. Logistics management software not only allows this, but the automation of certain operations can decrease manual labour costs and can quickly turn into an irreplaceable asset for your business. By automating and maintaining accurate databases and through shared and secure access, it will greatly simplify and improve your internal operations and consequently, the service you offer.

Benefits of implementing logistics management software

By implementing a logistics management solution, you will see a number of benefits for your business.

Refined Transportation: The costs associated with transportation is usually the highest expenditure for a logistics business, with costs such as fleet maintenance, fuel, tolls, and shipping fees to consider. Logistic management software can help to facilitate in managing these costs through process automation and data analytics, resulting in your company being able to make better informed decisions.

Faster Delivery: The ultimate aim is for your products to reach your customers in the shortest time, with the highest quality service. Logistics software can influence the delivery speed and save you money in the process.

Human Errors Reduction: Manual data entry and analysis is extremely time consuming and if not completed correctly, can result in not hitting delivery times.

3D Illustration. Delivery truck with boxes.

Whether your business is already established or if you are a start-up, if you have to deal with logistics, effective supply chain management technologies can help push your business forward. If you want to discuss your requirements in further detail, feel free to contact us today.

Finding the best barcode stock control system for your business

Managing inventory requires a high level of accuracy and foresight. Any errors in inventory tracking, data entries and forecasts can result in serious issues such as depreciation, unnecessary purchases, inadequate stock levels and inaccuracies across your warehouse as a whole. Fortunately, we now have automated inventory management software systems that operates through a barcode stock control system designed to eliminate the need of managing your inventory manually.

Inventory management software was built to facilitate different types of companies of all sizes to track their inventory electronically. In order for a barcode stock control system to fit seamlessly into your operations, it’s essential to find a barcode stock control system that suits your specific needs so you can get the most from your software.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some factors to consider when finding the right inventory management software for your business.

Waist up businessman manager with hardhat and protection glasses using computer to monitor automate robot machines in factory workshop. Manufacturing industry with technology.

Determine what you need from a barcode stock control system

The first step is determining what you want the inventory management software to accomplish. In order to achieve this, you need to understand your requirements first. Identify the challenges you are facing currently in managing your inventory and what you are looking for in a solution to remedy those challenges.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to save time on inventory tracking?
  • Do I just need to keep track of my stock levels?
  • Do I need to improve on budget planning?
  • Am I getting accurate insight on my warehouse?
  • Is it solely about saving costs?

Businesses who don’t track their inventory or use a manual method to track stock, can end up taking a loss due to overstocking, under-stocking or wastage. Fortunately, with a barcode stock control system you can pinpoint surplus, wastage and low levels of stock for you in advance. When you achieve clarity on your inventory, you save both money and time.

Female business woman writing on a note pad

Is the barcode stock control system relevant to your industry?

Depending on the industry you are operating in, you may have complex specifications and a customisable inventory management system may be required. To distinguish if the inventory software can meet your specific needs, ask your vendor and how long it will take to customise it.

It is also important to consider the barcode stock control system integrations with existing programs or processes. From accounting, to logistics, your company may use a variety of software solutions to handle your operations. For maximum efficiency, it is good to identify whether they are compatible. Your business will benefit immensely if your inventory solution can work with your existing programs.

These platforms should sync together so they can work in unison to streamline your daily operations and save you time. For example, Bit Systems, offer a Stock control for Sage, a simple solution for inventory and warehouse management. Bit Inventory at its core, extends the functionality of Sage 50 to provide seamless integration with barcode scanning technology to offer a feature-rich, efficient and easy to use stock control solution.

Barcode stock control syste,

Will your inventory software scale?

Another element to consider when choosing a barcode stock control system is the flexibility and scalability. You want a software solution that will grow with your business and if the software does not scale well, it could impede growth in the future. If your business is growing consistently, you should find out if the software you are considering is suitable for multi-devices, how many users you can add, whether it is a web-based or an on-site system. Flexibility is a pivotal factor to consider, especially if you have multiple sites or warehouses.

What data can you access?

Your barcode stock control system should never limit your access or insight into your processes and operations. You should be able to access your data, import and export when you need to and find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your inventory. If the inventory management system you are considering only offers periodic updating, you will only be shown what items were in stock at the time the count was done (whether it was performed a few hours ago, a week ago or a month ago). Our Sage solutions are dynamic so you can monitor stock with precision, recognize and act upon trends in real-time and you can access it any at time, from anywhere. This means you can deliver more of what your customers want, when they want it. Data-supported analytics allows you to pursue your next business opportunity with confidence.

close up of hand using tablet pc and package at the background
What key features are available

Checking for key features is something to keep in mind researching for inventory control software. The best inventory management software systems have an easy to use dashboard that provides both robust functionality and a complete view of your inventory.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask your vendor which features will best help resolve your inventory needs. Below are a few but essential features that you should expect from any high-performing inventory control system:

Multi-device Inventory Count – Using multi-devices that will sync automatically will simplify inventory tracking and eliminate any inefficiencies.

Inventory Movement Tracking – You should be able to view all inventory by item almost instantly to see what’s selling and what isn’t.

Product categorisation and stock alerts – By getting updates in real-time ensures you always have the items that your customers want available to maximise your sales and increase customer experience and loyalty.

Robust analytics and reporting – Gain the insights you need to improve profit margins and compare your budget to reality. You can then forecast and stay agile in your industry.

Does your barcode stock control system have a user-friendly interface?

This point is most often overlooked by business owners, while in fact, having a user-friendly interface determines how effective the implementation of a barcode stock control system in your business. It is no good having an inventory management system that ticks all the boxes when it comes to features and functionality but is too complex for your warehouse operatives to use. If it is difficult to navigate operational processes and inventory functions, it might be better to find a more user-friendly software. Remember to also ask about the available support options. Most vendors offer a range of documents, demos and support measures. If these are not readily available, it could be a red flag.

If you are interested in learning about integrated inventory solution that always keeps your products updated—whether they’re in-store or online—contact us today.

5 ways that a barcoding inventory system can improve your customer experience

Business is competitive, no matter what industry you are in, so staying ahead of your competition means having the edge over them. Refining your processes or making business alterations is vital in ensuring success; this has been highlighted even more so with the current pandemic we are all going through. So, if your business is adapting, how can you ensure success? A barcoding inventory system uses the utilisation of barcode labels to transform your warehousing business. The benefits of a dynamic and flexible Sage barcoding solution is something businesses may often overlook and underestimate in regard to the true impact they can have in your warehouse.

In this latest blog, we are going to explore how a barcoding inventory system can help your business and give you a better understanding of how they can improve customer service effortlessly.

1 – Accurate Inventory management

Manual inventory management can take up time and resources, and more often than not, leaves ample room for human error and data inaccuracies. By using a barcoding inventory system that is packed with features that minimise manual labour and data entry, it will help employees to complete stock related tasks quickly and easily but most importantly, accurately.

This means much more for your business than just a linear benefit, as your organisation will save money in the process by increasing productivity. On top of this, you will also benefit in regard to stock security, as you are able to track and monitor your inventory in real-time with a Sage barcoding inventory system.


businessman holding tablet and showing a growing virtual hologram of statistics, graph and chart with arrow up on dark background. Stock market. Business growth, planing and strategy concept.

2 – The ultimate goal: satisfy your customers urge for immediacy

Consumers can get almost everything on-demand now – from retail to hospitality to manufacturing. We are living in a digital age whereby users are getting accustomed to accessing products at a click of a button. This sense of urgency is a common theme that many businesses, especially warehouses, are still trying to adjust to and learn how to manage. A Sage barcoding inventory system that uses barcode scanning technology means you can simplify processes without compromising on service; one of the most considered elements when conducting internal reviews. Being able to electronically keep track of all data and stock levels means you can provide your customers with products, faster. The less time you spend on manual inventory management means the more time you have to meet the demands of your customers.

Beautiful young woman with shopping bags using her smart phone on yellow background.Shopaholic shopping Fashion.

3- Abolish process delays with a barcoding inventory system

High-speed scanning will give you instant access to real-time data at the touch of a button. You can be at the heart of your warehouse accessing one centralised hub of communication. Insight is a powerful thing when it’s done correctly, with Sage barcode scanning you can identify weaknesses and eradicate them. It also gives your employees tools to help do their jobs more efficiently and more accurately. By facilitating your workers, they can then deliver to the customer with the highest level of productivity and efficiency.


Closeup of business man checking time on watch. Entrepreneur waiting for someone. Appointment concept. Cropped front view.

4- Don’t settle for limited functionality

Our barcoding inventory system allows for both linear and 2D barcodes for every type of business, allowing you to track and monitor different types of barcodes. 2D codes are becoming increasingly popular in many sectors and by implementing barcoding technology, your business will easily capture barcodes codes. All of the labels printed are GS1 compliant, to ensure standards of business communication.

Serious businessman working with analysis financial at office.

5- A barcoding inventory system that can do it all

Our barcoding inventory system can provide your business with a wealth of functionality, from batch and serial number tracking to multiple warehouse locations and expiry dates for perishable products. With a modern user interface and flexible options for adding functionality, customer service automatically achieves the highest standards.

barcoding scanner in a warehouse

Want to find out more?

Bit Systems offers a suite of solutions that can cater to different sectors. We pride ourselves on being able to offer solutions that are tailored towards your needs. From the moment you take delivery of your goods, right through to the point of despatch, our barcoding inventory system manages, tracks and controls your stock. For more information on how this could be implemented within your business, feel free to get in touch.

Carrying safety stock with Sage warehouse management

Are you a manufacturer that has ever been in a position where you were fulfilling an order only to realise that you are out of a necessary component due to a sudden increase in demand? This could mean you need to wait to complete your order, delaying the delivery and resulting in an unhappy customer. If this has ever happened to your business, it may be time to consider Sage warehouse management.

What is safety stock?

Safety stock or buffer stock, as it is commonly referred to, is the level of extra stock that is kept in your warehouse or centre to reduce the risk of running out of inventory. There are many reasons as to why you may need this extra inventory such as uncertainties in supply or demand. Take Covid-19 as an example, there has been added pressure for warehouse inventory management to meet demands in the movement of consumers ordering online.

The purpose of holding such stock is to ensure that once you have run your cycle stock, you are still prepared in case there is a sudden change in demand or even in the supply.

Young man working at a warehouse with boxes
Is keeping safety stock a waste?

When running a warehouse, there are many inventory costs to consider. However, to ensure you meet high levels of customer service and at a high quality of service, accurately calculated inventory and safety stock is a necessity. Like many organisations, you may look at your own demand fluctuations and assume there is not enough consistency to predict future variability. With Sage warehouse management software, you can use a combination of data information to predict accurate levels of stock-based upon historical average demand initially then calculate how much safety stock you may need. This means that safety stock is not a waste, as the levels you order will be accurately forecasted ensuring you don’t waste time and cash.

If you are managing your warehouse manually including data entry and tracking movements of stock, you will find it extremely difficult to forecast inventory trends. As a result, managers can get inventory imbalances that result in excessive inventory costs, impeded cash flow and poor and/or inconsistent service levels all at the same time.

In this blog, we are going to explore some key reasons for carrying safety stock, and how Sage warehouse management can eliminate a lot of waste and errors.

overfilled trash of large wheelie bins for rubbish, recycling and garden waste
Stay streamlined with Sage warehouse management software

The purpose of having safety inventory is not just for the benefits of your consumers. Though it is high on the priority list, your employees, especially those who manage your warehouses and distribution centres can also take advantage. Sage warehouse management solutions do more than just forecast demands of items. It allows you to have an insight into your warehouse like never before. With minimum and maximum stock level alerts and automatic reordering, your employees know where the stock is, it eliminates the need for your employees to constantly locate and reorder parts, allowing them they will able to stay committed to fulfilling orders to your customers.

Portrait of warehouse manager and worker working together in warehouse office
Your customer service levels can go untarnished

The ultimate goal of safety stock? Keeping customers happy. By providing a service where your customer service levels can go untarnished, where your consumers aren’t aware of any changes or disruptions to your processes or supply chains. Perhaps you have a consistent demand for a certain item of inventory which has been highlighted by Sage warehouse management solutions but suddenly you sell more than you forecasted. With safety stock inventory in place, you do not sacrifice your customer service level while you replenish. It also helps your warehouse and supply chain running smoothly as it avoids stock-outs.

Beautiful parents and their daughter are holding shopping bags and smiling while doing shopping in mall
Sage warehouse management solutions help your warehouse to evolve

The best thing you can benefit from when integrating Sage warehouse management solutions is that you are always learning more. This can be anywhere from learning more about your warehouse, learning more about your inventory and learning more about your employees and their processes. Identifying the importance of holding safe stock is just one element to ensure a healthy supply chain and well-organised warehouse. Sage inventory management allows for you to learn about the best practises for calculating stock levels, having accurate data entry and real-time reporting as well being able to forecast supply and demand but not having to do any of it manually.

If you are interested in learning more about how Sage barcoding technology can transform your warehouse or distribution centres, get in touch today.

Why now is as important as ever to focus on stock control software

We are in the middle of a global pandemic and nearly every single person, business and industry have been affected by Coronavirus in some shape or form. As difficult and distressing it has been for many people during these unprecedented times, if you are in an industry that manages and handles stock, then now could be the ideal time to consider implementing stock control software.

Many businesses are working hard on their online presence to allow them to continue trading during lockdown restrictions. One thing that nearly all businesses will take with them from the Covid-19 pandemic, is that businesses need to be prepared for if things go wrong. Whilst many businesses are working hard, trying to adapt to these new conditions it is important not to neglect ‘back-office’ areas of your businesses such as warehouses and inventory management centres. By implementing stock control software, you are not just adapting, for now, you are also preparing for the future to help you meet short- and long-term goals.

Satisfied female worker in sterile clothes is looking at tablet in storage room.

How do you benefit from good stock control software?

When it comes to growing your business, one of the biggest challenges lies in managing your inventory. Whether your business is online or offline, the challenge still arises, but what can make a difference to your business is effective stock control software.

As your order volumes begin to increase over time and your business starts to grow across more channels and potentially even new markets, it’s important not to let manual stock management or a limited inventory management solution limit your operational potential.

Think about this. Are you currently having to log-in and out of your different selling channels? Are you having to manually adjust your stock? Are you having to manually check records to find what you are looking for? Are you having to do a lot of things that a good stock control software could do for you?

Now think about what you could be doing with your time if it wasn’t spent on manual tasks?

Not only are these huge barriers to business growth, they almost always result in human errors such as errors in data entries, overselling or overbuying due to limited insight into the stock you hold or have in motion. You may think this may be easy to correct, but what about a damaged reputation, loss of money and inaccurate accounts? Now while this in itself highlights the importance of inventory management and a good stock control software, it’s not the only reason to consider using a system of this kind.

To help you understand whether your business could benefit from inventory management software, we have identified some of the additional benefits below.

Stock clerk checking inventory in the warehouse of industrial factory

Simplified inventory management

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a good stock control software is the management over your inventory. This may sound obvious but having a system that allows you to make the process of managing easier, saves you money and time can quite frankly save your sanity too. With supply and demand changing throughout the year and consumer trends changing quicker than ever, your stock levels are continuously fluctuating. A feature-rich inventory management software helps to avoid the risk of human error by automating your key business processes and allows you to focus on other key aspects of your business with a clear mind, by letting your software do the hard work for you.

Avoid stock-outs and excess inventory with stock control software

When it comes to managing your stock, trying to maintain the right balance is a challenging task, and it can be even harder if you are having to do a lot of the work manually. After all, too little stock can lead to out of stock items and therefore unhappy customers and potential loss of sales. While having excess stock, can take up valuable warehouse space and incur unnecessary charges.

Either way you look at it, it comes at a cost to your business. However, with stock control inventory management software, you can track stock levels and identify re-order points for each product, as well as analysing stock trends, which avoids the of stock-outs, overbuying and most importantly, losing cash.

manage space in logistic with paper box packaging in store

Improved business negotiations

By choosing an efficient stock control software, you will be able to gain more valuable insights and understanding into your stock management, identifying which stock items and supplies are befitting your business the most, and see room for improvements with others. A good stock control software should come with batch tracking capabilities, allowing your business to have far better product traceability and subsequently be able to access valuable information which can allow for potential negotiations with suppliers. By unlocking this detailed information on suppliers and their performances, you will be better equipped to negotiate on your trading terms and favourable stock items.

Teamwork Brainstorming Meeting and new startup project in workplace, Quality successful work concept, vintage effect.

Make more profitable business decisions

The effective stock control software can provide all the data you need to make more informed decisions regarding your business. This can be invaluable sales data, item data, employee information and much more. By having access to real-time data and reporting features, it can make your accounts and measuring industry metrics the most accurate they can be.

Additionally, with the ability to work out your inventory turnover rate, you will also be able to identify opportunities for reducing the amount of inventory you are holding in your warehouse(s) and lowering your stock carrying costs. If you are operating from multiple locations, a good stock control software should be able to offer you the advanced capability of tracking simultaneously.

Technology in Finance and Business Marketing Concept. Graphs and Charts show on Computer's Screen. Modern Businessman seeing Statistical Data on Laptop in Office

Keep your customers coming back for more

Handling your stock more effectively, having increased visibility on stock levels and being able to provide more accurate delivery times has been proven to improve customer satisfaction. Increased customer satisfaction, in turn, leads to a higher rate of return customers. It is simple, to keep your customers happy, you need to be able to meet their demands quickly and efficiently, and a good stock control software helps you meet demand by giving you the tools to have the right products as soon as your customers require them.

Now you have identified how your business can benefit from a good stock control software and management tool, the next step is choosing one that is most suited to your business.

If you want expert support and advice on from project design to integration with Bit Systems, read on to ‘Our process’ to see how we can help you. Or, if you want to skip straight to an honest and open conversation to help make a decision, speak to a team member at Bit Systems today, we are more than happy to help.

How a Sage barcode scanner solution can transform your warehouse

A well-connected warehouse

Being well-connected and having visibility into all of your assets, people, and processes at all times is vital to having an integrated, productive and successful warehouse. Having a Sage barcode scanner as part of your inventory management encompasses computing, scanning and printing solutions in one. It connects each operational area in your warehouse to give you the agility to realise transformational gains and implement them.

In this latest blog we are going to explore in detail how each element of a Sage barcode scanner solution can benefit your warehousing business.

Forklift loader in storage warehouse ship yard. Distribution products. Delivery. Logistics. Transportation. Business background
Internal movement of inventory

Receiving goods

Shortages, discrepancies and damages can happen, but they don’t have to impact your downstream processes negatively. With a Sage inventory management solution, you can electronically capture data in real-time to streamline operations and improve accuracy. You can have the capability of sending real-time stock data to your warehouse management system using GS1 information to reconcile order details quickly.

This not only enhances communication throughout your warehouse but allows you to know exactly where each piece of shipment can be located, providing a trail for traceability. For faster processing, you can access, capture and send information directly to your back office with your Sage barcode scanner.

Organising and replenishing stock

To ensure fluid movement of your inventory, you need to accurately document stock and product information during the replenishment and ‘put away’ process. This is imperative for operational purposes like picking, cycle counting and reordering to run efficiently and effectively. With a Sage barcode scanner solution, you will know when inventory is added or replenished; accurately updating inventory planners and databases so you’re continuously seeing the most up to date information.

Flexible working environments

By integrating this solution, you will simultaneously create a flexible working environment whilst driving business growth. Sage stock control allows your employees to streamline their own processes and accurately complete tasks. The Sage barcode scanner devices are handheld and can be holstered when needed making them effortless to use.

Packing and staging

The Sage barcode scanner solution act as the total package for speed and precision. Packing and staging are probably the most hands-on job in your warehouse or distribution centre. To ensure accuracy at this critical point, our Sage inventory solution has technologies that confirm orders with a quick scan, prints a GS1 compliant labels with the correct destination, and allows you to continue tracking each package to the right fleet.

You can capture data from the barcodes so you can continue to develop your warehouse operations, ensuring compliance and traceability at every point resulting in flawless fulfilment of orders.

Young man working at a warehouse with boxes
External movement of stock with Sage barcode scanner solutions

Scanning and loading: Scan, authorise and load. It is as simple as that. Your loading dock is the last touchpoint in your process before your stock is shipped to the customer. Don’t delay in switching from manual processes any longer, because you can have it all automated. Your Sage barcode scanner provides you with all the analytics and data prior to your inventory landing into the loading dock. This means you can have peace of mind with flawless accuracy that you can effectively verify shipping details and confirm your orders, streamlining processes, increase profitability and ensuring traceability.

Cross-docking automation

Organising cross-docking activities require a high degree of visibility of assets to ensure efficient and seamless movement of both goods, equipment, and people. This is especially useful if you run a logistics company. You can gain speed and accuracy with devices built to last for instant verification.

Enhanced insight

You can enhance your warehouse processes where it counts. Performing cycle counts are essential, however, manually counting takes time as well as other resources which can be costly. Sage warehouse inventory solutions manage your inventory in real-time, keeping an accurate count and location of everything from raw materials to finished goods. You will gain a holistic insight into your warehouse with an over-arching view of every process and every movement. You can use this data to identify trends internally and externally to develop and enhance your operations even further.

Young man working at a warehouse with boxes
Need help choosing the right software for your business?

From the moment you take delivery of your goods, right through to the point of despatch, our barcoding stock control solution for Sage 200 or Sage 50, manages, tracks and controls your stock inventory. If you need some more information in distinguishing which is the most suitable solution, get in touch today.

Why Sage 50 inventory management is such a powerful tool

Whether you are starting a small business or already run one, it is reasonable to think it’s realistic to keep track of your stock and inventory movement manually by keeping records in spreadsheets or with a pen and notepad. A monthly audit or tracking movement is straight forward if your business is relatively small and it is manageable, but what happens as you grow?  Sage 50 inventory management is a solution that can cater for all these processes and much more.

As the turnover of stock increases and product lines are extended, variations of products, promotions and plus added other variables can all become too much.

Waist up female worker with hardhat report manufacturing result to her manager or boss using software (augmented, virtual reality) in tablet to check automate robot machines in factory

Knowledge is power

As the saying goes, ‘knowledge is power’ and the better insight and knowledge that you can gain over your inventory, the better informed your choices and decisions can be. It is important to keep on top of capital that may be tied up in stock, turnover, movement, wastage and responding to customer trends and demands.

As a small inventory management business, whether you work in business to consumer or business to business, there are several consistent demands and pressures. Finding the time to re-assess your stock control system may be a challenge and can often be an aspect that is pushed further down your priority list.  While this is understandable, it is important to assess how many problems a barcode system like Sage 50 inventory management could solve for your business, including:

  • – Knowing how much stock you have
  • – Knowing the location of your stock
  • – Enabling quick and accurate stock takes
  • – Keeping customers informed on stock and delivery

For small and growing businesses, reducing costs tied up in inventory, streamlining processes and improving your customer service are benefits that will directly affect the bottom line and allow you to compete more effectively.  So, what is stopping you using Sage 50 inventory management?

Fear, cost, complexity, and time are some of the concerns that you may be facing as a business owner. The good news is, like many SME’s, you will find that using a Sage 50 inventory management solution will improve your business processes, save you time and allow you to have a fully functioning inventory management system that reduces human error, has a simple user interface to get you started in managing your stock effectively quickly and effectively.

Inventory management worker holding barcode scanner scanning an item in warehouse

How do you benefit?

Sage 50 inventory management software becomes a centralised hub for your business data. Your organisation will be able to barcode your stock over multiple locations and track stock movements. Each barcode will hold its own unique ID, so you can print labels for the shelf edge locations and for existing and received stock items. The best thing about it? No manual processing. It is all at the tip of your fingers and it could not be easier.

Sage stock control is especially useful for warehouse employees who are managing goods-in, put-away, goods-out and stock counts, they can access real-time data and information which facilitates communication and lessens admin time. This will have a natural and positive effect on productivity, accuracy and management visibility which will allow you to progress and grow the business.

business man holding a tablet with business data on it for Sage 50 inventory management

Implementing Sage 50 inventory management software

So we can understand your exact requirements, speak to our team so we can discuss the right solution for you. We can show you the product features and capabilities and more importantly, how they can work for you and your business. If you have any questions that need answering, we are more than happy to help. Give us a call today.

Manufacturing software solutions go beyond supply chain management

Eliminating waste, streamlining and managing costs, maximising efficiency and of course, being profitable are all goals that manufacturing businesses continually work towards. The key to achieving these aims and achieving business growth lies in having the right manufacturing software solutions in place for your business. Having the right resources in place and being able to adapt to changing market conditions can give your manufacturing business a real competitive edge.

One size does not fit all when it comes to choosing manufacturing software solutions for your business. Bit Manufacturing is a scalable and adaptable solution that takes into account your unique business requirements to help you to improve business efficiency and productivity. Bit Manufacturing combines your manufacturing processes with your sales, marketing and operational activities into a single solution, offering a complete 365-degree view of your business improve decision making provide a unified solution across the whole business.


It goes beyond supply chain management

When businesses consider manufacturing software solutions, the first thing that often springs to mind is supply chain management. Though a pivotal aspect in manufacturing, there is so much more to consider and be aware of. Supply chain management incorporates sourcing, scheduling, transportation and storage, but it also relates to and affects the other departments. To truly improve on your manufacturing processes others areas of the business needs to be taken into account such as; sales, marketing, production management and IT.

All of these aspects are vital to make sure your whole business is working towards to the same goals and that all of your business processes have the appropriate features that correspond and complement the day-to-day running of your business.

Engineer in uniform holding electronic device

Having the right insights in order to choose the best manufacturing software solutions

When choosing manufacturing software solutions for your business, it is important to start with gathering the right team members to provide a holistic insight into the business. Silo management can be very detrimental when information, insights and data are not shared across the business as a whole. Having the right team on board for the selection process ensures that the solution you choose has the right features to meet the requirements and challenges of the whole company.

Worker hands holding tablet on blurred warehouse as background .Smart warehouse management system.Industry 4.0,Augmented reality and smart logistic concept.


The crucial role of other departments and change management

In order to stay competitive, manufacturers need to ensure that they are doing more with less. It is imperative that each department works coherently and in harmony together. Whether your processes are simple or complex, Bit Manufacturing can work alongside your current business processes.

Each department plays a vital role in overseeing change management and naturally, there may be some resistance to change to some degree. However, accepting change and more importantly, embracing change is a very important aspect when considering manufacturing software solutions.

Choosing a solution that is comprehensive and scalability brings longevity to the solution. This allows your business to implement a solution that can grow with your business and reduce the likelihood of having to implement a different solution later down the line. No two businesses share the same needs, each business will have their own unique requirements and processes, which is why investing in an agile solution that is specifically tailored towards your businesses key needs is essential and will save your business time and money in the long run.

Manager industrial Engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial over system on virtual interface screen, Industry 4.0 concept

Choose the right implementation partner

Another important aspect of choosing the right manufacturing solution for your company is selecting the most suitable implementation partner.

At Bit Systems, we have a dedicated team who have extensive knowledge of the manufacturing industry and of manufacturing processes. Our team will work alongside you to understand the way your business works and what your requirements are. Bit Systems will support you right from the initial scoping of your manufacturing solution, through the implementation process and ongoing after go-live.

Our industry-focused suite of solutions ensure control across your supply chain and other departments and meet complex and intricate compliance and quality control regulations. For more about Bit Manufacturing and how it can help your business, contact us today.

5 benefits of integrating GPS tracking with your transportation and logistics planning solution

In the transportation and logistics industry, businesses benefit hugely from GPS technology. However, by using today’s modern technology it can far extend the traditional tool of just being about to assist drivers to navigate to and from locations. With these technological advancements, by integrating GPS tracking with your transportation and logistics planning solution you can help meet your business requirements as well as improving your customer experience all in one.

If you are a business that operates through fleet management, it is vital that you have insight into the whereabouts of your vehicles at any given time. GPS tracking in its most basic form keeps track of your vehicles that are on the move. This allows you to see which vehicle is in motion and towards which direction on the map.

Our solution, Bit Logisitcs uses GPS tracking to help businesses reduce the amounts of calls that are needed to be made to the drivers to see where they are or why they are delayed, making their journeys safer. Our intuitive dashboards help your management team to easily digest key information, instead of wading through bulky reports in order to make key decisions and meet targets. Our customer dashboards allow customers to log on to their own private portal to track where their delivery is and when it will be delivered, enhancing your customer experience and reducing calls to our office asking where deliveries are. By integrating GPS tracking with your logistics and transportation solution, the benefits to your business could be immeasurable.

Foreman control loading Containers box to truck for Logistic software Import Export Background, Business logistic concept, import and export concept.

Bit Logistics offers that and so much more.

You can:

  • Track drivers through geofencing, with the automatic trigger of updates when entering or leaving geographical boundaries
  • Monitor traffic, know if delivery times need to be updated due to traffic issues
  • Monitor road works and road closures, re-route deliveries if a road is closed
  • Minimise delivery times
  • Calculate estimated delivery time windows

By integrating our GPS tracking into your transportation and logistics planning solution, you can tell whether the vehicle is going to the assigned destination, the routes that were taken, and when the vehicle is resting. This can be particularly useful for ensuring that your fleet drivers are getting the rest they need as well as for security in the even that a vehicle is stolen.

Truck on highway road with container, transportation concept.,import,export logistic industrial Transporting Land transport on the asphalt expressway with blue sky

5 benefits of vehicle GPS tracking

From shipping, back-office processes, performance, and communication, Bit Logistics enables you to take control and monitor your fleet vehicles and manpower. A modern transportation tracking software can provide information that is vital in enhancing the functionality of the fleet management system. It also helps in cost assessment, excellent customer service and improves efficiency.

1. Resource optimisation – Bit Logistics helps in enhancing transparency between you and drivers as well as across the business. This allows for accurate forecasting in identifying any ‘grey areas’ that may have occurred previously, such as reasons for delivery delays. Our GPS integration records time of arrival to the delivery destination as well as the physical delivery time, reducing penalisation for late delivery.

2. Driver safety – Drivers are at the lynchpin of any fleet management business. With our transportation and logistics planning solution, you can help to manage their safety and wellbeing by monitoring driver behaviour and patterns.

3. Increased productivity – The automated processes in Bit Logistics provide real-time updates on your remote device. This helps in quick decision making, as it acts as a centralised hub for information. This eliminates the need for unnecessary admin work, so you have more time to focus on other business activities. With insight into traffic and road closures, routes can be dynamic and adapted in order to offer the most efficient route for your drivers, helping to increase your productivity.

4. Fuel efficiency – This software solution also identifies trends and themes of fleet vehicles and their behaviour. You can monitor routes and compare with the fuel consumption to help eliminate drivers’ bad habits and avoid routes which could lead higher than anticipated fuel consumptions.

5. Reduce the risk of theft – In transport and logistics, your investments in your assets are high. If a vehicle with a costly consignment is stolen; then it could not only cause substantial finance loss but also an adverse effect on your business reputation. With the integration of GPS tracking and transparency into where your fleet vehicles are at any point in time, you can minimise the risk of this happening.

Bit Logistics is a complete logistics planning solution that offers seamless integration, dynamic dashboards and intuitive user-interfaces. Get in touch to discuss how our transportation and logistics planning solution can work for your business.