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Improving warehouse productivity with barcoding software

Improving warehouse productivity with barcoding software



Warehouse management software (such as Bit Inventory) is simpler to use than you might think. With a range of intuitive features, anyone can pick it up efficiently, from agency workers to trainee warehouse operatives.

Increasing numbers of warehousing businesses are adopting the use of barcoding software to improve productivity. By utilising modern barcoding technology, handheld scanners can be used to check items into the warehouse, check items out of the warehouse, and to count stock, making these processes a whole lot easier and much more accurate. Without the need of pens, paper, clipboards, and multiple Excel spreadsheets, no manual data entry is needed, as information processed with the scanners is sent straight to the software.

Additionally, some barcoding software for inventory management, including Bit Inventory 200, uses android scanners to modernise processes even further. By following a clean, intuitive user interface and logical processes within these scanners, more data is presented to warehouse operatives with the accurate information they need to move stock intuitively. Features including first-in-first-out and cycle counting, improves stock rotation and create a more efficient warehouse.

Training warehouse operatives to use these scanners is also quick and easy, particularly with Android hardware, as most people are now accustomed to using smartphones. Following a defined process to receive inventory, pick stock, dispatch stock out, and check the warehouse stock levels, means that training agency workers or new employees can be made much simpler. Certain user settings can also be updated so only relevant information can be shown to its users.

Goods in 
Checking goods into the warehouse can be a protracted process, particularly when training new warehouse operatives. With the use of barcoding inventory management software, these processes can be improved to make tasks much easier for those involved.

Handheld scanners can be used to book arriving stock into your warehouse. Simply scan the barcodes of the products that have arrived, and your business management software should automatically update with goods-in. This makes it much easier for training new warehouse operatives and agency workers, as the process is shortened to just a few touches of a button, and more accurate than traditional methods of receiving goods.

Goods out 
Within a few clicks and a scan of the barcode, stock can be picked and dispatched against sales orders, with dispatch notes being printed automatically. This both increases efficiency and accuracy of the process, because nothing needs to be handwritten or manually passed between other departments. This also cuts out the added step of an admin or warehouse colleague needing to key the information into the financial system, saving time and improving accuracy.

Stock taking 
Barcoding inventory management software can significantly improve stock taking processes. Scanning barcodes that automatically update your system is much more streamlined than handwriting product codes and quantities and then manually updating the system. As a result, warehouses will no longer need to shut down during end of year stock counts. Some barcoding warehouse management systems, such as Bit Inventory, also support cycle counting, meaning even less disruption to everyday operations as inventory can be counted section by section on a weekly, monthly, or other basis.

There are many ways in which barcoding technology can improve warehouse productivity and streamline processes. If you would like to learn more about how your business can benefit from barcoding inventory management software, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. You can call us on 03300 245452 or email us using