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How Sage stock control shapes your data

How Sage stock control shapes your data

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Companies, especially in the logistics and warehousing industries, are flooded with data. The question is, what is the best way to handle and use this data to improve your business? With Sage stock control, you are provided with a software solution that analyses your data for you in one centralised hub.

Data can hold many different meanings for different organisations, as all businesses depend on it for different reasons. Data can be both structured and unstructured and can be processed and analysed manually, but when the volumes become too large to be processed using traditional database and manual techniques, Sage stock control is the perfect solution for you.

If you work in the warehousing industry, you may be accustomed to various volumes and different paces of data movement that exceeds manual processing. In some scenarios, the volume and movement of data may even be exceeding the capacity and limits of your existing software and applications. If you are in this position, you may be experiencing signs that you need a new stock control system.

Unfortunately, the real importance of handling data and data analysis within organisations, which can be crucial for business success, is often overlooked and under-appreciated. However, identifying that data plays a vital role in improving operations, increasing profitability and making faster and more efficient business choices is one thing, learning how to do it is another.

With a Sage stock control solution, you don’t have to worry about interpreting and digesting high data volumes, it is a complete solution that does it for you. We’re going to delve a little deeper into the main components that influence data analysis and how Sage stock control maximises these to drive efficiency of your warehouse management.

Data is heavily influenced by volume, velocity, variety and veracity.


This specifically refers to the size of data that your warehouse is capturing. With Sage stock control, you don’t have to worry about how much data you need to manage. By simply integrating PSS into your existing Sage software, you can process various volumes simultaneously and eliminate the need for manual data processing. Additionally, PSS enables you to get critical business information almost instantly at the click of a button.


This refers to the speed in which data changes. This kind of data analysis should be at the top of any warehouse management practices due to stock continuously coming in and going out. By utilising a software solution like Sage stock control, you will never have to worry about ‘keeping on top of your stock management again’. This complete solution updates your systems in real time each time stock is ordered, despatched and delivered.



If you are a warehouse or organisation that holds various forms of stock, then naturally the variety of data sources associated with each item of stock will vary too. That doesn’t sound too complicated until you have to continuously monitor, track and store each item. Now imagine trying to do that manually or with a limited software solution that in essence is causing more issues than it is adding value. PSS can help you to manage batch serial numbers, expiry dates and multiple bin and warehouse locations from multiple sources, simply and efficiently.

Veracity/Pinpoint Accuracy:

The uncertainty of data accuracy can single-handedly be the failure of any warehouse or logistics company. The real value of true data accuracy is the ability to analyse trends in real-time and extract critical data you need for management and operational purposes.

Sage inventory control solution

How does gaining control over these influential aspects benefit your organisation?

By having greater control of your data volume, velocity, variety and veracity, you can improve your operational efficiency and performance as well as maximising conversions and profits. Sage stock control allows you to gain a clear insight into your inventory transactions as well as having access to metrics to help measure and analyse your data. Analysing real-time data not only helps you to manage cash flow but also helps to identify stock movement trends such as seasonal peaks and troughs to help improve your stock management.

The most important factor for any warehousing or retail business is for you to implement a stock management solution that you can control. With the technology continually advancing, it would be easy to implement an overcomplicated solution that is challenging to control. With Sage stock control, the power is in your hands. With seamless integration into your existing Sage accounts, the biggest question you will ask yourself is why you didn’t implement a Sage stock control solution earlier.