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Everything you should know about logistics management software

Everything you should know about logistics management software

logistics software solutions

What is logistics management software?

In today’s fast-paced digital age and with increasing demand for products and services now rather than later, an efficient logistics and distribution solution has never been more crucial. To keep up with the ever-increasing demand, many businesses are turning to logistics management software to keep up with competition and utilise technology to help take their business into the future.

Logistics management involves the flow of your business processes, it manages your whole business process from origin to final delivery destination. This can involve anything from the selection of transportation and delivery methods to any form of planning that involves taking goods and services to a consumer. A logistics management solution can help automate the business processes that take you from development to production. Logistics management software often consists of features that will aid in production, planning, sourcing, packing and delivering of goods and services.



Bit Logistics – the solution for your business

Bit Logistics is a logistics management solution that has been carefully developed over the years to help businesses improve and automate their delivery processes. We strive to make sure all businesses can streamline their delivery process, helping your business to ensure that every delivery arrives at the right place at the right time. At Bit Systems, we are proud to have a vast range of experience and expertise in large-scale transport businesses, which has allowed us to gain the skills and knowledge required to help business logistics and transport planning to become as efficient as possible. Built on the Microsoft.NET platform, our logistics management software solution can be seamlessly integrated into Sage 50 and Sage 200. So, if you need a logistics management software that can work in cohesion with your accounting solution, we have got just what you need. Designed with the transport industry in mind, Bit Logistics houses all of your business data in one centralised system, making it much easier to manage. You can control and track your assets and use the collated and centralised data to have greater control over your business profitability.



How logistics management software can improve business efficiency

Every business wants to improve efficiency and implementing a logistics management software can help you do just that. Logistics methods rely on time, accuracy and dependability and a Bit Logistics solution can help you improve these areas as well as track actions, meet targets and keep your customers happy. Time is pivotal when it comes to business efficiency. The more time you can save, the faster your business can grow, improving efficiency and in turn, increasing business profit. Effective transport management through a logistics management software can help save time and reduce workload, giving you complete control of your logistics. Bit Logistics can give you greater control and flexibility, allowing you to have greater visibility over all processes including planning and scheduling. You can utilise the data and analytics on the centralised system to make relevant changes to your business processes. For example, predictive maintenance for your transportation, allowing you to plan for downtime and make sure any replacements necessary are in place before it’s too late, helping you to keep up with demand and avoid disappointed customers.



Bit Logistics can improve your business efficiency in many ways, including:

Improved job planning
Use the centralised database and analytics to accurately plan how long jobs can take, allowing you to create real working timetables for your employees.

Improved order entry
Reduce the risk of human error through the automatic input utilised in Bit Logistics. Orders can be automatically received into your Bit Logistics system.

Accurately track deliveries
Never lose track of your deliveries with real-time updates. With Bit Logistics, you can also manage failed deliveries and charge for redeliveries if your customer is closed when your driver arrives.

Improve visibility
Take complete control over your business’ logistics management and access data with ease through one centralised system. With Bit Logistics management software, you can also have an internet portal for your customers to be able to see their delivery and collection updates.

Increased security
Never lose track of your business assets with accurate tracking, making your business and everything in it safe. With Bit Logistics, you can capture signatures and photographs at the site with visibility through the customer internet portal.

Meet delivery deadlines
With improved efficiencies, better time management and complete visibility of your logistics process, Bit Logistics can help to dramatically reduce the risk of missing deadlines. Bit Logistics also integrates your customers sending emails or text updates when deliveries are due.



Does your business need a logistics solution?

Are you still wondering if your business needs logistics management software? Do you manage a transport fleet and rely on them to run your business, taking your products from location A to location B? If so, our Bit Logistics solution which has been designed with transportation in mind could be the solution you are looking for. Bit Logistics can help your business improve efficiency and in turn, cut costs as well as streamline your business methods and save money whilst doing so.

Bit Logistics management solution comes with many great key features for business improvement. Order entry is easy with automatic input, shipping updates and bulk printing of shipping labels and lists at the touch of a button. Your business can be one step ahead with the ability to plan, manage and track all of your orders in real-time – so there’s no need to worry about missing crucial deadlines. You can have complete knowledge of your business’ logistics at all times with tracking and monitoring. You can even receive live updates on traffic, allowing you to re-route your drivers accordingly and help reduce delivery times.

If your business currently spends a lot of time filling out and keeping track of paper-based invoices and proof of deliveries, then Bit Logistics can help you with this as well. All documents can be automated, saving your workforce and your customers time.

Want to find out more about what a logistics management software like Bit Logistics can do for you? Contact us today.