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5 benefits of integrating GPS tracking with your transportation and logistics planning solution

5 benefits of integrating GPS tracking with your transportation and logistics planning solution

gps tracking benefits

In the transportation and logistics industry, businesses benefit hugely from GPS technology. However, by using today’s modern technology it can far extend the traditional tool of just being about to assist drivers to navigate to and from locations. With these technological advancements, by integrating GPS tracking with your transportation and logistics planning solution you can help meet your business requirements as well as improving your customer experience all in one.

If you are a business that operates through fleet management, it is vital that you have insight into the whereabouts of your vehicles at any given time. GPS tracking in its most basic form keeps track of your vehicles that are on the move. This allows you to see which vehicle is in motion and towards which direction on the map.

Our solution, Bit Logisitcs uses GPS tracking to help businesses reduce the amounts of calls that are needed to be made to the drivers to see where they are or why they are delayed, making their journeys safer. Our intuitive dashboards help your management team to easily digest key information, instead of wading through bulky reports in order to make key decisions and meet targets. Our customer dashboards allow customers to log on to their own private portal to track where their delivery is and when it will be delivered, enhancing your customer experience and reducing calls to our office asking where deliveries are. By integrating GPS tracking with your logistics and transportation solution, the benefits to your business could be immeasurable.

delivery lorry with gps tracking

Bit Logistics offers that and so much more.

You can:

  • Track drivers through geofencing, with the automatic trigger of updates when entering or leaving geographical boundaries
  • Monitor traffic, know if delivery times need to be updated due to traffic issues
  • Monitor road works and road closures, re-route deliveries if a road is closed
  • Minimise delivery times
  • Calculate estimated delivery time windows

By integrating our GPS tracking into your transportation and logistics planning solution, you can tell whether the vehicle is going to the assigned destination, the routes that were taken, and when the vehicle is resting. This can be particularly useful for ensuring that your fleet drivers are getting the rest they need as well as for security in the even that a vehicle is stolen.

the benefits of gps tracking

5 benefits of vehicle GPS tracking

From shipping, back-office processes, performance, and communication, Bit Logistics enables you to take control and monitor your fleet vehicles and manpower. A modern transportation tracking software can provide information that is vital in enhancing the functionality of the fleet management system. It also helps in cost assessment, excellent customer service and improves efficiency.

1. Resource optimisation – Bit Logistics helps in enhancing transparency between you and drivers as well as across the business. This allows for accurate forecasting in identifying any ‘grey areas’ that may have occurred previously, such as reasons for delivery delays. Our GPS integration records time of arrival to the delivery destination as well as the physical delivery time, reducing penalisation for late delivery.

2. Driver safety – Drivers are at the lynchpin of any fleet management business. With our transportation and logistics planning solution, you can help to manage their safety and wellbeing by monitoring driver behaviour and patterns.

3. Increased productivity – The automated processes in Bit Logistics provide real-time updates on your remote device. This helps in quick decision making, as it acts as a centralised hub for information. This eliminates the need for unnecessary admin work, so you have more time to focus on other business activities. With insight into traffic and road closures, routes can be dynamic and adapted in order to offer the most efficient route for your drivers, helping to increase your productivity.

4. Fuel efficiency – This software solution also identifies trends and themes of fleet vehicles and their behaviour. You can monitor routes and compare with the fuel consumption to help eliminate drivers’ bad habits and avoid routes which could lead higher than anticipated fuel consumptions.

5. Reduce the risk of theft – In transport and logistics, your investments in your assets are high. If a vehicle with a costly consignment is stolen; then it could not only cause substantial finance loss but also an adverse effect on your business reputation. With the integration of GPS tracking and transparency into where your fleet vehicles are at any point in time, you can minimise the risk of this happening.

Bit Logistics is a complete logistics planning solution that offers seamless integration, dynamic dashboards and intuitive user-interfaces. Get in touch to discuss how our transportation and logistics planning solution can work for your business.