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How a Sage barcode scanner solution can transform your warehouse

How a Sage barcode scanner solution can transform your warehouse

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A well-connected warehouse

Being well-connected and having visibility into all of your assets, people, and processes at all times is vital to having an integrated, productive and successful warehouse. Having a Sage barcode scanner as part of your inventory management encompasses computing, scanning and printing solutions in one. It connects each operational area in your warehouse to give you the agility to realise transformational gains and implement them.

In this latest blog we are going to explore in detail how each element of a Sage barcode scanner solution can benefit your warehousing business.

barcode stock control
Internal movement of inventory

Receiving goods

Shortages, discrepancies and damages can happen, but they don’t have to impact your downstream processes negatively. With a Sage inventory management solution, you can electronically capture data in real-time to streamline operations and improve accuracy. You can have the capability of sending real-time stock data to your warehouse management system using GS1 information to reconcile order details quickly.

This not only enhances communication throughout your warehouse but allows you to know exactly where each piece of shipment can be located, providing a trail for traceability. For faster processing, you can access, capture and send information directly to your back office with your Sage barcode scanner.

Organising and replenishing stock

To ensure fluid movement of your inventory, you need to accurately document stock and product information during the replenishment and ‘put away’ process. This is imperative for operational purposes like picking, cycle counting and reordering to run efficiently and effectively. With a Sage barcode scanner solution, you will know when inventory is added or replenished; accurately updating inventory planners and databases so you’re continuously seeing the most up to date information.

Flexible working environments

By integrating this solution, you will simultaneously create a flexible working environment whilst driving business growth. Sage stock control allows your employees to streamline their own processes and accurately complete tasks. The Sage barcode scanner devices are handheld and can be holstered when needed making them effortless to use.

Packing and staging

The Sage barcode scanner solution act as the total package for speed and precision. Packing and staging are probably the most hands-on job in your warehouse or distribution centre. To ensure accuracy at this critical point, our Sage inventory solution has technologies that confirm orders with a quick scan, prints a GS1 compliant labels with the correct destination, and allows you to continue tracking each package to the right fleet.

You can capture data from the barcodes so you can continue to develop your warehouse operations, ensuring compliance and traceability at every point resulting in flawless fulfilment of orders.

monitor stock with sage inventory management software
External movement of stock with Sage barcode scanner solutions

Scanning and loading: Scan, authorise and load. It is as simple as that. Your loading dock is the last touchpoint in your process before your stock is shipped to the customer. Don’t delay in switching from manual processes any longer, because you can have it all automated. Your Sage barcode scanner provides you with all the analytics and data prior to your inventory landing into the loading dock. This means you can have peace of mind with flawless accuracy that you can effectively verify shipping details and confirm your orders, streamlining processes, increase profitability and ensuring traceability.

Cross-docking automation

Organising cross-docking activities require a high degree of visibility of assets to ensure efficient and seamless movement of both goods, equipment, and people. This is especially useful if you run a logistics company. You can gain speed and accuracy with devices built to last for instant verification.

Enhanced insight

You can enhance your warehouse processes where it counts. Performing cycle counts are essential, however, manually counting takes time as well as other resources which can be costly. Sage warehouse inventory solutions manage your inventory in real-time, keeping an accurate count and location of everything from raw materials to finished goods. You will gain a holistic insight into your warehouse with an over-arching view of every process and every movement. You can use this data to identify trends internally and externally to develop and enhance your operations even further.

Sage barcode scanner solutions - stock
Need help choosing the right software for your business?

From the moment you take delivery of your goods, right through to the point of despatch, our barcoding stock control solution for Sage 200 or Sage 50, manages, tracks and controls your stock inventory. If you need some more information in distinguishing which is the most suitable solution, get in touch today.