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Efficient Warehouse Management with Barcoding Inventory

Efficient Warehouse Management with Barcoding Inventory

What is barcoding inventory?

Barcoding inventory is a process that uses barcodes assigned to items to help take stock and track products as they move through the warehouse. A barcode scanner (or RF machine) is used to catalogue and trace stock as it enters and leaves the warehouse, minimising manual processes.

With technological advancements increasing rapidly, customer expectations are also changing. Slow operations that take up too much time processing orders are no longer tolerated, especially in the age of one-click ordering and next-day deliveries. It’s essential that businesses find more efficient ways to operate, and barcoding inventory can help do just that.

How does barcoding inventory increase warehouse efficiency?

There are several ways in which barcoding inventory can increase warehouse efficiency:

  • Simplifying processes
  • Increasing accuracy
  • Optimising operations

Firstly, barcoding inventory can help businesses simplify their processes. By keeping track of stock electronically, there are fewer manual stages in the process of moving goods through the warehouse. This saves valuable time and helps ensure employees understand each stage clearly, leading to a reduced risk of errors.

Following on from above, barcoding inventory helps increase accuracy. With no need for pen and paper, and minimising data entry, the best barcoding inventory management systems hold all the information required to process stock from delivery of items through to stock movements, sale, and distribution. With little-to-no room for costly human errors, business owners, warehouse managers, and their teams can rest assured that the stock information held in these systems are accurate and up-to-date.

With minimal risk of errors and simplified processes, operations throughout the warehouse are optimised and more efficient, leading to the ability to meet customer needs more quickly. This rise in efficiency can help warehouses increase capacity and grow business opportunities further.

Barcode Inventory Management Systems

Implementing a barcode Inventory management system is key to the success of barcoding inventory, as the best systems integrate with existing accounting software to keep track of all the necessary data as well as raise and process purchase orders when needed. With all of the information in one place, businesses can drive efficiency and performance.

Bit Inventory for Sage 50 manages, tracks and controls stock from the point of receiving a delivery to the point of dispatch. By integrating Bit Inventory with Sage, your teams will be able to capture stock transactions through a handheld, modern android scanner in real-time, automatically updating Sage to drive efficiency and eliminating count time by 90%.