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Why are barcode solutions imperative in warehousing?

On the surface, warehousing and logistics are pretty much still the same as they were 20 years ago, in its simplest form, it is the storage of goods and their distribution on a local, regional, national or global scale. Yet, with technological advances like barcode solutions, behind the scenes, things are very different. The day-to-day movement and internal operations have changed dramatically over the years and this article is aimed at exploring how advances in technology have adapted warehousing as we know it today.

Advances in technology, especially over the past 10 years, have begun to shape this digital world that we now live in. As the defining element in many organisations, logistics and operations have followed suit to make their service and product offerings more efficient, more effective and more flexible than ever. But how are barcode solutions shaping the warehousing and distribution industry?

How barcoding fits into warehouse workflows

Barcoding should be at the top of the list when it comes to having efficient inventory control. Whether warehouse managers are concerned with streamlining their procurement routines, sticking within budgets and managing cashflows, or getting the most out of their assets, barcode solutions are imperative.

With barcodes, you can generate and attribute a unique software-readable system of identification to each item of stock or asset. When using PSS 50, these barcodes can then be integrated with Sage 50 Accounts, to monitor the movement of goods, inventory levels and control processes. These barcodes can be generated in linear or 2D codes for every type of business and can produce labels, shelf edge labels and pallet labels.

Improving efficiency through barcodes

With the utilisation of barcodes, inventory management can become highly automated so that retrieving, storing and distribution processes are streamlined and more importantly, human error is reduced. By automating manual routines your employees can continue with their workflow without being interrupted. Using barcode technology can be particularly useful for warehouse environments that stock a wide range of inventory and where stock is distributed at different pace levels.

Less administrative work

Manually managing continuously changing stock levels takes time and resource and is also prone to human error, how accurate are your records? By not utilising a barcode solution in your warehouse for inventory management, you may be spending far too much time tracking your stock. By using a barcoding solution such as PSS 50, you no longer need to worry about stock accuracy or the amount of time it takes to do a stock take as you will be able to itemise your stock and avoid manually logging and tracking stock.

Real-time data collection

Utilising barcodes goes way past the point of just tracking the inventory that is coming in and going out. Having an insight into how your warehouse management is actually working is crucial for success. Barcodes allow you to analyse and understand your stock activity, such as item popularity, patterns in usage, shelf lifetime, seasonal peaks and troughs and much more; this would be almost impossible to analyse by managing your stock manually. Not only do barcoding solutions allow this level of analysis, but the information is readily available to you in real time allowing you to make critical business decisions based on accurate and relevant data. Barcoding also allows increased accuracy for tracking of stock, so you can easily check if an item has been moved, returned or sold, so you can know where a specific stock item is at any time and why it is there.

A centralised barcode solution that accounts for versatility

By integrating a barcoding stock control with Sage Accounts, Sage becomes a centralised hub for all of your data ranging from product codes and descriptions to standard pricing and stock levels. By adding PSS 50 to your Sage Accounts, you will drive efficiency and performance within your warehouse as well as eliminating the duplication of tasks and reducing the stock count by up to 90%. If you’re interested in using this powerful barcode solution, call us today.

Making the most of your ePOS Software

In today’s modern consumer-driven world, customers are expecting a far more efficient and slicker experience when it comes to purchasing both online and in store. Consumers are no longer tolerating waiting for out of stock products or long waiting times in store and are quick to find alternatives suppliers to satisfy their needs. With the constant evolvement of technology ePOS software is becoming easier to use, more intuitive and dynamic and it is not the unaffordable luxury that it once was.

By implementing a modern ePOS solution that integrates with your accounting package, will be able to see the benefits to your business beyond just improving the way in which you can take payments.


Reduce human error

In a retail environment, customer service and positive interaction are what brings added value to your business. However, we are all human and mistakes can easily occur if staff are not equipped with the right tools.

Mistakes can be costly for any business over time, something as simple as miscommunication regarding pricing could leave your retail business out of pocket.  By implementing an ePOS solution that can provide your staff with the latest stock pricing and promotions can help to dramatically reduce human errors and diminish costly mistakes.

Multiple user access allows you to have multiple sales staff access your ePOS software simultaneously, so staff can log on to multiple tills or at different locations at any one time. To further enhance your reporting with a unique user identification, you can track individual performance and sales.

Make it easier for your employees

An intuitive and dynamic user interface to your ePOS software allows staff to easily navigate sales screens to provide customers with a seamless experience. This intuitive display can notify sales staff or current offers and promotions to upsell at the point of purchase.

By making your processes more efficient and intuitive staff can be freed up to spend time on more important tasks, such as providing excellent service to your customers.

Improve your customer experience

We have all been in a situation where we have found the perfect gift, outfit, or household item etc. online or in store, only to reach the checkout and find massive queues or to find out that the item is not in stock. The feeling of being let down at the last minute can be enough for a customer to leave your site or store almost instantly. Having an integrated ePOS software system can alleviate these problems for your businesses.

By integrating your ePOS solution with your accounting package, not only will your sales transactions be more efficient to process, but you will also be able to organise and keep track of all of your stock across multiple locations, improving your customer experience by reducing queue times and being able to predict stock forecasts to reduce the number of disappointed customers from trying to purchase out of stock items.

If you sell in store as well as online, finding an ePOS solution that integrates with your e-commerce platform will help to provide you with a consistent omnichannel shopping experience. When you sell an item in a store, your stock level immediately updates online and vice versa. By integrating your online and offline stock you will always have a good indication of what live inventory you have so you can always stock up in time before items are sold out.


Free your staff from the behind the counter by using a tablet to control your ePOS system

Wireless devices free up your staff to provide a more engaging shopping experience for your customers. Not only does using a tablet help to reduce queue times at checkouts during busy periods, but it also gives you the opportunity to check stock for customers before they get to the till and gives your sales staff the chance to convert browsing customers into hard sales.

There are many benefits that come with having an integrated ePOS system. If you would like to know more about how our ePOS solution works, give us a call to see how it could make a difference to your business.

Sage inventory software you can get your head around

Identifying that you need more advanced inventory management software is only the first step in choosing a new solution, the tricky part is finding one that you can understand, utilise and control. With integrated Sage inventory software, you can seamlessly combine your inventory management with your Sage 50 accounts data to give you real-time, accurate stock information at your fingertips.

So how do you go about finding the right inventory solution for you?

One of the most important steps in choosing a new inventory management solution is to see it working. Bit Systems help our customers to get a full understanding of how our solution works and how it could benefit their business by providing an in-depth demo before any commitment is made. Our demos are tailored to our customers’ requirements so that we can demonstrate how the software could work for their business and how simple it is to use.


Why is a Sage integrated inventory solution better than standalone solutions?

By simply integrating into Sage 50 Accounts and by using the latest GS1 compliant barcoding standards, PSS 50 makes your whole stock management process seamless.

Using PSS 50 and Sage together, your accounting solution will be turned into a powerful inventory management solution, which enables your workforce to quickly and simply capture stock transactions through our handheld scanners in real time and automatically update Sage to drive efficiency, performance and eliminate the duplication of tasks and stock count time by up to 90%.

Not only does PSS 50 help your business to save time and reduce errors, but our developers have also worked hard to make sure that our software is simple to navigate and easy to use and by integrating directly into Sage 50 Accounts it minimises the risk of discrepancies between non-integrated inventory management solutions and your accounting solution.

Advanced inventory management functionality

Our sage inventory management solution has many different functionalities to help cater for different types of businesses, from order processing through receiving goods, dispatching and stock taking, our Sage inventory solution makes your process efficient, accurate and eliminates human errors.

If you need even greater functionality PSS 50 also give you the option to manage multi-location, to assign and track batch and serial numbers and even assign expiry dates to perishable products to give your business greater flexibility and improved stock accuracy.

Check out how PSS 50 works and get a software system that manages, tracks and controls your stock inventory so you don’t have to.

Sage inventory control solution for your business

Why should you consider Sage inventory control?

Often, inventory control is something that retail or warehousing businesses have in place but fail to identify if it is working efficiently and effectively. With Sage inventory control, you could have a solution today. There are two important questions businesses should ask when trying to ascertain whether their current stock control processes are delivering an appropriate return on investment.

The first is: How efficient is your current stock management processes?’

For example, have you considered how much of your employees time is spent on manual processes?  The time that is taken to book stock in and out of your storeroom or warehouse and manually counting stock is most definitely time that could be spent on other processes.

The second question is: ‘How effective is your current stock management processes at managing your stock levels?’

For example, how well does your current stock control process manage your stock levels to help you stay ahead of your competitors, provide your customers with the products that they need, when they need them and can it highlight products that are no longer selling?



A Sage inventory control solution such as PSS 50 can help to increase efficiency & productivity

PSS 50 eliminates the need for manual processes by linking directly into Sage 50 Accounts, eliminating process inefficiencies and improving employee productivity by enabling them to focus their efforts on other important areas of the business. Furthermore, PSS 50 eliminates the element of human error from complex manual stock control. A Sage inventory control solution gives you a seamless process that you don’t have to worry about.

Create a more organised warehouse with PSS 50

An effective inventory control system helps to support an organised warehouse. A disorganised warehouse can make it very difficult to manage your inventory control process, PSS 50 integrates seamlessly into Sage 50 Accounts allowing you to have real-time stock information available at your fingertips so you can organise your warehouse accordingly.

Improve your cash flow by integrating a Sage inventory control solution into your business

Having an efficient inventory control solution can have significant time and monetary benefits for your business. PSS 50 helps you to keep track of what products you have in stock, on order, what products are selling well and more importantly what products are not selling. PSS 50 helps you to make better business decisions and keep control of your cash flow by only ordering the items that you need.

Retain your customers and keep them coming back for more

Having a Sage inventory control solution isn’t just back end necessity. Being able to meet the demands of your customers is of the utmost importance to any business. By implementing a Sage inventory control solution with real-time stock information that integrates seamlessly into your existing accounts software, means that you will be able to meet the demands of your customers quickly and effectively. In essence, if your customers are happy, they will keep coming back. By implementing an inventory control solution like PSS 50, you will have the right tools and technology to always have the right products available when your customers need them.

Find out more about our Sage inventory control solution by contacting us today.

5 signs that you should be considering a stock control solution

Inventory management is by no means the glamorous side of any retail or warehousing business. It is easy to pay attention to the more creative aspects when it comes to your business; whether that is marketing, sales, or product development. However, what is often overlooked is how stock and inventory management is at the heart of it all. Neglecting to consider your stock control processes can significantly affect your growth and scale.

It’s easy to choose a stock control solution that simply ‘does the job’ and as a small business, an entry-level stock management solution may seem like the best option to save on cost whilst being able to gain better visibility and control over your inventory.

However, it is easy to quickly outgrow these systems as your business develops. Your business may need a stock control solution like PSS 50 so that your processes can meet the demands of your high growing and successful business. 

Do you need a stock control solution?

You’re spending most of your time on data consolidation

Before your business started growing, when orders and stock levels were relatively low, it was easier to monitor your stock control. The manual process of data consolidation was manageable, however, if you find yourself spending most of your time trying to consolidate your data, you are risking hundreds and thousands of pounds to inefficient processes.

You’re seeing ‘out of stock’ and back-ordered items far too often

As a growing business, you need a stock control solution that allows you to capitalise on every sales opportunity. This means you need to ensure that all of your items; especially high volume items are kept in stock and available to purchase.

You want to spend money but your excess cash is tied up in excess inventory

If your business lacks an effective stock control system, it does not just affect the customer experience, it can have internal effects too. Having cash tied up in excess inventory can impact cash flow massively. If you are frequently having to clear our excess inventory, upgrading to a stock control solution such as PSS 50 can ensure you don’t have to face this issue again.

You don’t have a sense of your true inventory

Often, the meaning of ‘true inventory’ is misunderstood. It is much more than a straightforward product count of your warehouse or store locations. Having a sense of your true inventory encompasses all products that may have been reserved, already sold, committed stock and product restock & shipments plus much more. Being able to manage all types of inventory will be able to put you ahead of your competitors and Bit Systems can help you do just that with our stock control solution that integrates seamlessly into Sage 50 Accounts.

Your Operations are out of breath trying to keep up with your growth rate

In essence, your business is only moving as fast as your slowest-moving piece. If you’re at the point where your business is struggling to keep up with rest of the business, it is a clear sign to upgrade your inventory management solution to an advanced solution such as PSS 50.

If you want a strong team to deliver the right solution for you, get in contact with Bit Systems today.

Dreading your annual manual stock take?

Dreading your annual manual stock take? PSS 50 quickly and simply captures stock transactions through a handheld scanner in real time and automatically update your back office software to drive efficiency, performance and eliminates duplication of tasks and stock count time by up to 90%. Find out more

PSS for Sage

Bit Systems work together closely with our customers to understand their business and find the best stock control solution for you. With Sage at its core our stock control solution, PSS, enhances the functionality of Sage 50 and Sage 200 providing seamless integration with barcode scanning technology to provide a feature-rich, efficient and easy to use stock management solution. Find out more about how PSS can help your business